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Анализ рынка

International standardization today is the engine for the development of any business and organization.  Implementing the right regulatory framework can make a significant difference in building a productive system from the very beginning to the result.  Today, some of the most influential organizations are ISO, EN, SIST, TR, CEN.


Different institutions of standardization regulate different spheres of human activity at different levels and within different scales, which allows to level the available opportunities for development and expansion for both corporations and small and medium-sized businesses.  Sometimes the importance of international standards is significantly underestimated by small and medium-sized businesses and, as a result, the need for investments in their acquisition is leveled.  Nevertheless, the introduction of even individual parts of an international standard or an addition to it can significantly increase the productivity of the activities of individual entities and organizations.

For several years now, Saugateh has been supporting companies that are interested in introducing international standards into their activities.  We provide professional assistance in the selection of international standards specifically for the field of activity of our clients and introduce innovative solutions for business development at a pace that meets the rules of the modern market.  Today we offer one of the next solutions for businesses of absolutely any scale. 


The Saugateh company makes it possible to evaluate the practical results of the implementation of international standards and, most importantly, this opportunity is absolutely free.  On this page you can familiarize yourself with international standards or their supplements and download them for free.  International documentation on this page will be updated and expanded, which will allow you to carry out a trial or partial implementation of international standards in your activities.  If, after the introduction of these supporting documents, you feel a desire to expand the regulatory and technological base, you can seek advice from our specialists and select a set of the most suitable documents for the development of your organization.

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