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International standardization of electrical equipment and related appliances

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

The technical characteristics of the equipment and their accompanying devices have a large number of features that can affect the final result when creating a well-functioning system. One of the options for regulating international interactions of companies and at the same time maintaining the quality bar in global interaction is the introduction of international standards in the activities of companies and organizations. When it comes to electricity and the technological features of the implementation of related technologies, it is necessary to take into account both aspects influencing from the outside and small details that affect the construction of the structure from the inside. International standards have been created to regulate application, implementation and innovative improvements. Today we will introduce you to the main ones for industries in which parts such as cables are used.

Optical fibre cables - Part 2-21: Indoor cables - Detailed specification for multi-fibre optical distribution cables for use in premises cabling

EN IEC 60794-2-21:2019/A1:2021

Indoor technologies have a large number of aspects that are responsible not only for the quality of the supply of electricity or the operation of devices, but primarily for safety. That is why it is so important to pay attention to such standards, or rather an addition to the standard as EN IEC 60794-2-21: 2019 / A1: 2021 which has been adapted by the Institute for Standardization for the European market.

Up-to-date lists and bibliographical references concerning such national standards may be obtained on application to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre or to any CENELEC member. This amendment exists in three official versions (English, French, German).

The following dates are fixed:

• latest date by which the document has to be implemented at national (dop) 2021-09-23 level by publication of an identical national standard or by endorsement

• latest date by which the national standards conflicting with the (dow) 2023-12-23

document have to be withdrawn.

Since this document is adapted for a more local area, it is necessary to analyze the scale of your activities. If you are interested in more detailed technological details, we recommend following the link to the website with detailed technical specifications.

Optical fibre cables - Part 2-31: Indoor cables - Detailed specification for optical fibre ribbon cables for use in premises cabling

EN IEC 60794-2-31:2019/A1:2021

Sometimes, when you change certain technological characteristics of a certain document, you need to instantly make edits to it. But restructuring an existing standard can be quite a laborious and time-consuming process. With a small number, but still important documents, such additions to standards as EN IEC 60794-2-31: 2019 / A1: 2021 are created.

This amendment A1 modifies the European Standard EN IEC 60794-2-31:2019; it was approved by CENELEC on 2020-12-23. CENELEC members are bound to comply with the CEN/CENELEC Internal Regulations which stipulate the conditions for giving this amendment the status of a national standard without any alteration.

In the event that a standard such as EN IEC 60794-2-31: 2019 is applied in your activities, it is important to understand that the implementation of its addition will significantly increase the productivity of your activities and minimize existing risks. That is why we recommend that you think about purchasing it if your field of activity includes the operation of the technologies described in the standard.

Optical fibre cables - Part 2-11: Indoor cables - Detailed specification for simplex and duplex cables for use in premises cabling

EN IEC 60794-2-11:2019/A1:2021

Each International Standard has a specific number of parts, each of which deals with a specific technology. Sometimes one part can complement another, and sometimes they can be used as completely independent documents. If it is necessary to make certain corrections, additions can also be created to individual parts, as, for example, it was carried out with EN IEC 60794-2-11: 2019 / A1: 2021.

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights. CENELEC shall not be held responsible for identifying any or all such patent rights.

Since the description of this supplement to the standard does not give a clear understanding of which technologies it regulates, we recommend that you study in more detail the information provided in the description of the standard EN IEC 60794-2-11: 2019. In this case, you will clearly understand the possibility and necessity of purchasing this document. If you have additional questions, you can always clarify them with the team of specialists.

Optical fibre cables - Part 2-11: Indoor cables - Detailed specification for simplex and duplex cables for use in premises cabling

EN IEC 60794-2-11:2019

International standards are created not only for certain categories and branches of human activity, but also for certain types of equipment, as well as for the improvement of their details. One of the most prominent examples of such international standards is IEC 60794-2-11: 2012.

This document presents the detailed requirements specific to this type of cable to ensure compatibility with ISO/IEC 11801, Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises. The requirements of the Family Specification IEC 60794-2-10:2011 are applicable to cables covered by this standard. Particular requirements detailed in clause 4 either define a specific option relative to the requirements of IEC 60794-2-10:2011 or define additional requirements.

This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in 2005. It constitutes a technical revision.

The main changes are:

  • Incorporation of the OM4 cabled fiber performance category;

  • Incorporatino of the OS2 cabled fiber performance category;

  • Incorporation of the B6_a1 and B6_a2 fibre category as per IEC 60793-2-50:2008.

The description of the types of cables is quite detailed in this document. This description will allow you to understand in the clearest way whether you need this international standard or whether you should think about purchasing an international document with a similar top ICS level, but with different technical characteristics.

The world of innovation does not negate the use of cables

At first glance, it may seem that the development of innovative advances entails a greater popularization of wireless technologies. Nevertheless, both at the household level and at large-scale industries, cables are actively used. Since international electrical standards have a large number of technical aspects, it is necessary to clearly know which aspects of your organization's activities you plan to develop. In order to avoid the mistake of making the wrong decision when choosing a standard to increase the productivity of your business, we recommend that you consult with a team of specialists who will not only help you choose the most suitable ICS for your equipment, but can also help with choosing an individual standard. Stay with iTeh and be the global market leader by applying the right international standards.



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